Like any fashion, carpet trends come and go.  So don't just run out and choose what the interior designer's tell you is in vogue this month, choose the style according to functionality, tastes and your requirements.

Things to consider are:

  • Where will the carpet be laid - in high traffic areas or lighter traffic areas?
  • What type of ambience are you trying to create - a contemporary space or something more functional or cosy?

DMS Carpets can help you achieve your goals easily and efficiently.  We will assist you in selecting the best style and colour for your home, work space or building project.

Plush Pile CarpetPlush Pile Carpet - is a cut pile carpet that offers a "plush", almost velvety finish.  Each tuft is cut at the same height to create a luxuriously smooth finish.  Plush pile carpets often show shades, adding to the character of the carpet.  Plush piles are available and perform best in pure nylon stain treated fibre, and high content wool blend fibres.  An 80% wool mix tends to be the best performer in a wool blend, as the synthetic mix in high end wool blend provides strength and locks the wool fibres together in the cut pile, without compromising the excellent performance qualities of the high wool content.

Twist Pile CarpetTwist Pile Carpet - is a cut pile carpet that provides a rugged surface texture.  Two or more yarns of fibre are twisted together, leaving each tuft of the carpet with a "twist", adding texture, character and wear-ability to the carpet.  Twist piles retain the softness and plush feel of a plush pile however the over twisting of the yarn helps hide the shading velvet look of a plush pile.  Twist piles are available in high quality wool blends (80/20) wool blends (50/50) and pure synthetic nylons.  Twist piles are most commonly used in domestic applications.

Level Loop Pile CarpetLevel Loop Pile Carpet - is a yarn that is left in a "loop", and is not cut to create open tufts.  All loops are of equal height, providing a comfortable finish that is durable and hard wearing.  Loop pile carpets are available in pure wool, wool blends (80/20 & 50/50) and pure synthetic fibres.  Pure wool "loops" are the best performers in the long term, and are one of the most common forms of the top of the line commercial carpets on the market today.

Cut & Loop/High-Low Loop CarpetCut & Loop/High-Low Loop Carpet - is a yarn that is once again left in a "loop" and is not cut open to create open tufts.  However, as the name suggests the loops of the carpet are in rows of varying height, providing a stylish textured appearance that is durable and hard wearing.  This type of carpet is synonymous with the sisal look carpets which are available in pure wool, wool blends and synthetic nylons and poly's.

Carpet Grading
  • For peace of mind, look for carpets that have been graded by the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS). This is a national carpet grading scheme covering all types of carpet and all carpet fibres, according to their durability and appearance retention.
Our Services
  • DMS Carpets provide a large mobile showroom with extensive range of samples from some of the largest and most respected carpet manufacturers from Australia and abroad.  We supply and install the carpet to your requirements and as quoted.
  • DMS Carpets are specialists in Commercial & Residental Flooring requirements and you can find more information about these services under the links on the top of the page.  
  • DMS Carpets offers a range of different services as it understands that in todays society we must accomodate for all different lifestyles and clients.
Our Guarentee
  • We guarantee to beat any written quote so long as the quality of the products are the same!

    We at DMS Carpets have continued to keep up with the times and in many respects, strive ahead of our competitors.