Understanding a few simple basics about carpet construction will help you make the right choice for your lifestyle and budget.  Our knowledgeable and expert flooring consultants will help you with all your choices and explain all the products to you thoroughly.

Their are two main types of modern carpet which are commonly used in today's applications, namely Tufted and Woven -

  • Tufted Carpets usually have two backings, the first is the primary backing, this is usually made of a mesh type of polypropylene, that holds the pile in place and then their is a secondary backing (usually made of either jute or polypropylene) that is glued onto the primary backing, the correct lamination of these two backings, is what gives a carpet it's strength and dimensional stability.
  • Woven Carpets normally have just a single or primary backing, this carpet is usually an Axminster or Wilton carpet, with this type of carpet the backing consists of lengths of what are called "Weft" and "Warped" filaments or twine, whereby these twines and the Pile are woven to incorporate into what is seen on the underside of this carpet and is called the backing and this woven backing is what gives this carpet it's superior strength and dimensional stability above a tufted carpet.  These carpets are more commonly used in a commercial application such as hotels, pubs and clubs more so than in a domestic environment.
Carpet Grading
  • For peace of mind, look for carpets that have been graded by the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS). This is a national carpet grading scheme covering all types of carpet and all carpet fibres, according to their durability and appearance retention.
Our Services
  • DMS Carpets provide a large mobile showroom with extensive range of samples from some of the largest and most respected carpet manufacturers from Australia and abroad.  We supply and install the carpet to your requirements and as quoted.
  • DMS Carpets are specialists in Commercial & Residental Flooring requirements and you can find more information about these services under the links on the top of the page.  
  • DMS Carpets offers a range of different services as it understands that in todays society we must accomodate for all different lifestyles and clients.
Our Guarentee
  • We guarantee to beat any written quote so long as the quality of the products are the same!

    We at DMS Carpets have continued to keep up with the times and in many respects, strive ahead of our competitors.