Commercial Flooring

DMS Carpets is trusted by many clients and builders across all sectors and have built a very strong and reliable network of installers and trade partners and lasting client relationships.

Commercial Market Sectors

In the commercial sector, where functionality and aesthetics must co-exist harmoniously, DMS Carpets rises to the occasion.

We understand the unique demands of commercial spaces, from high traffic areas to design conscious environments. Our flooring solutions are not just products, they are contributions to the ambiance and functionality of each commercial establishment. Our dedicated team ensures that each project is approached with a keen understanding of the specific requirements, resulting in flooring that not only meets industry standards but elevates the overall environment.

For the construction industry, reliability and adherence to standards are non-negotiable. DMS Carpets has established itself as a dependable partner for builders and construction professionals. Our involvement in construction projects spans from the initial stages of planning and estimation to the final execution of flooring installations. We bring our commitment to quality and technical expertise to construction sites, ensuring that the flooring aspect is seamlessly integrated into the broader project goals.

At the core of our success is our team’s dedication to exceeding expectations. Our Project Managers, with their wealth of experience and industry knowledge, play a pivotal role in ensuring that each project, regardless of sector or size, is executed with complete precision. We believe in not just delivering flooring solutions but contributing to the success and aesthetic appeal of the spaces we touch.

Choose DMS Carpets for flooring solutions that go beyond the ordinary, creating spaces that resonate with individual preferences, meet industry standards, and contribute to the success of each project.






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Our Trade Partners

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