Education Flooring


 DMS Carpets specialises in crafting flooring solutions tailored for educational institutions, enhancing the environment for both educators and students.

Our comprehensive services encompass expert technical consultation, design, supply, and impeccable installation of various flooring options, including carpets, carpet tiles, flotex, vinyl, timber, and rubber flooring.

These solutions are specifically designed to meet the rigorous standards and demands of educational facilities, ensuring excellence in appearance, durability, public safety, and hygiene.

Our products are carefully selected to align with Occupational Health and Safety regulations and Australian Building Codes.

We adhere to strict compliance standards, including early fire hazard indices and pedestrian slip resistance, all while prioritising the comfort and well being of both staff and students.

Our commitment extends also to complying with Victorian Worker’s Union guidelines, ensuring that our installation techniques and materials are in full alignment with industry standards.

With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, DMS Carpets is your trusted partner for delivering top quality flooring installations with minimal disruption to your educational facility.

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